Talent Is Our Most Important Asset Youngjin is looking for talented people,
who share our core values such as a challenging spirit, respect and integrity, and can act on those values.
  • Respect

    People who respect and openly communicate
    with their colleagues
    We share directions and actively cooperate with
    other employees and groups to realize common
    goals, through a sense of mutual trust.

  • Integrity

    People with principles and ethics We act according to company principles and
    create value based on strong ethical convictions
    and confidence in their actions.

  • Challenge

    People with a Challenger Spirit Instead of settling for the existing standards,
    people with the spirit of a challenger pursue the best
    that come from changes and innovation.

  • Global No. 1

    People with Global mind People who respect for diversity and prepared to compete
    with global leaders and implement Youngjin Ind’s vision
    with passion.

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