[Event] 2023 Mid- to Long-Term Roadmap Workshop Held

관리팀 2023-08-31 11:51:39 Hit 200


Hello, I'm the management team.

August 17th and 18th, for 2 days At the Icheon Eden Paradise Hotel
The '2023 Mid- to Long-Term Roadmap Workshop' was held.

This workshop was held to discuss Youngjin I&D's mid- to long-term strategy, and in-depth discussions were conducted on equipment development and field improvement, and we invited outside invited instructors to listen to lectures and find ways to apply them.

Through these processes, it was a valuable time to establish the direction and strategy for our company.

I would like to thank the planning team for preparing for the workshop and the executives and employees for their help.

That's about it. 

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